satanashton whispered: hi love, i totally ship you with luke. you're gorgeous. :)


thank you honey, but that’s you omg x

  • your ship - ashton wtf yes
  • who holds the umbrella when it rains - ashton bro like he wouldn’t want you holding anything if you were walking back home like he’d take all your shopping bags and hold the umbrella in the other while you were holding his arm like it’d look so freaking cute im
  • who wants kids more - definitely ashton because he’d love a mini him running around stealing and hiding his bandanas omg like little baby boy Irwin running around with daddy’s bandana covering his eyes while ashton tries to catch him without bumping into anything
  • who picks the movie/tv show/whatever the hell else there is - you would! I don’t think ashton would really mind what you two were watching because it was just another excuse he could use to sit with you and cuddle and be as clingy as he wanted without being teased by anyone else
  • biggest cuddler - ashton would totally be big spoon 110% of the time like he’d like having you sandwiched between his arms and he liked how smooth your legs were and how good your hair smelled and he’d fall asleep with his cheek on your shoulder and it’d be so grand omg
  • who usually picks the date - I think ashton would really take control with where he wanted to go with you like he’d plan it out perfectly the day before and everything would be timed perfectly and it’d all come out so great and he’d be so proud of himself at the end of the day when he’d look over and see you asleep in the passenger seat leaning against the window
  • who makes who laugh more - it’d kinda be a competition between you and ash like whoever could make who laugh the hardest wouldn’t have to make dinner that night but in the end, even if ashton won, he’d help you with dinner anyways
  • who gives the most compliments - again, it’d be an even split; there wouldn’t be a day were ashton didn’t let you know how much he loved you or how much he appreciated you
  • who posts more pictures of the other - ashton would revel in taking really good pictures of you and posting them on instagram or twitter and captioning them with really cute things and omg
  • who gets jealous - I think ashton would be such a jealous boyfriend like sending glares across the club at the new face trying to hit it off with you while you were obviously feeling uncomfortable
  • who orders the coffee - you would! you’d know ashton’s order down to a tee and it’d always be hot when you got it to him no matter how far you were driving
  • who brings home the takeout - ashton would always bring you takeout when you weren’t feeling well and he’d definitely order dessert from your favorite cake/cupcake/ice cream place and make sure you knew he was there for you if you needed it

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